Immigrant Visas for Foreign Spouses

How do I apply for an immigrant visa for my foreign spouse to enter the United States?

Spouses of U.S. citizens or permanent residents may also become a permanent resident by applying for an Immigrant Visa at a U.S. Consulate.  An Immigrant Visa allows the holder to become a permanent resident upon arrival in the United States.  The advantage of this process is that the spouse authorized to work immediately and there is no waiting period to travel abroad again.

There are three steps to obtaining an Immigrant Visa.  First, a petition is filed with the U.S. immigration service seeking recognition of the marriage.  This process usually takes about five months, although the wait time can vary.

Immigrant Visas for Spouses

Second, after the petition is approved, the case file is sent to the Department of State for processing.  Before an interview is scheduled at the U.S. Consulate, the case files must fully prepared.  The spouse must complete a detailed online form, the visa fees must be paid, and a number of documents must be submitted to the State Department.

Third, when the file is complete, it is sent to the U.S. Consulate where the spouse lives for the interview.  Before attending the interview, the spouse must undergo a medical examination by a local physician designated by the Consulate.  Usually, the U.S. citizen or permanent resident can accompany the spouse to the interview.  In fact, the Consulates often appreciate this.  After the interview, the visa is usually approved and issued a few days later.

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