Enrico & Melody

It’s been years since last time i reviewed a service online and the fact that i am doing it now even though my immigration case is not over yet says it all! I’ve known Matt Merrick several months now, and I am very happy to let everyone know how thankful I am to be represented by him.  For reference, the visa we are working on is a marriage-based immigrant visa; however, my immigration case is a lot more complicated than a conventional application for a visa based on marriage.

Since day one, Matt has shown outstanding knowledge, dedication and responsiveness, and his extremely thorough work has had a great impact on my immigration case.  Frankly I can’t imagine how complicated my life could’ve been without his help. Obviously when a marriage is involved, it is not just a holiday in the US.  The seriousness of the case can affect your future life in several ways and requires extreme attention to details.

I have had the chance to be introduced to Carla Lopes Dos Santos, his paralegal, and I can only say great words about her.  My wife and I love Carla.  She is really a wholehearted person and absolutely helpful fulfilling all of our needs and doubts 24/7, just like Matt who has always been available. Sure, this is not an invitation to take advantage of that since a professional working hours should be respected, but it clearly shows the level of their commitment.

Matt and Carla grabbed our case like it was their own and I can’t describe how thankful we are to be represented by both of you.

Enrico & Melody

Rome, Italy (21 Feb. 2017)