Additional Immigration Services

Additional Immigration Services:

Merrick Immigration Law offers a full range of immigration services.   For some individuals, the traditional family-based or work-based immigration options are not available. Merrick Immigration Law has extensive knowledge U.S. immigration law, and we strive to consider every possible option for helping our clients achieve their immigration goals. From Asylum, to Special Immigrant Juvenile Status, to Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), Merrick Immigration Law’s extensive experience across a broad spectrum of programs available under U.S. immigration law enables us to find solutions to even the most challenging of situations. During our intake and evaluation process, we pay close attention to every detail of your life to ensure you are availed to every path to obtaining lawful status.

Criminal immigration issues

Criminal convictions, even for minor offenses or violations, can be a major concern for any applicant for a visa or change of immigration status. At Merrick Immigration Law, we carefully analyze our clients’ past criminal issues and offer frank advice on their impact on the ability to enter or remain in the United States and the best strategy for moving forward. In cases where a criminal incident raises potential problems, we advocate fervently on our clients’ behalf to ensure they are given fair consideration. For instance, one of our clients had been convicted of two felonies, yet we were able to win approval of the application to adjust status to lawful permanent residence and avoid removal to the client’s home country.


Sometimes, past criminal matters require clients to apply for a waiver. Similarly, past immigration violations, like entering the U.S. without a visa, overstaying the permitted length of one’s stay, and working without authorization, may also require a waiver. Merrick Immigration Law has secured numerous waivers for our clients using our proven techniques.

U Visas for Victims of Crimes

Another lesser known option for some is a special U visa for victims of crime. Generally, if you have been the victim of a crime, have reported the crime to the police, and have offered assistance in solving the crime, you may be eligible for a U visa. These unique visas enable foreign nationals without any other options to become lawful permanent residents, including those that entered the United States without a visa.

Overcoming Visa Denials

If you have applied for a visa and your application has been denied, we may be able to help. Visa denials frequently occur because a Consular Officer concludes that the applicant possesses “immigrant intent,” that is, the officer suspects that the person has a strong likelihood of remaining in United States either permanently or beyond the time-frame permitted by the visa. Denials can also occur due to misrepresentations, criminal convictions or other issues.  These denials can be devastating because, after an individual’s visa has been denied, it can be very difficult to later change the U.S. government’s view of that person in the future. Merrick Immigration Law advises many clients on how to overcome visa denials or avoid the denial in the first place.

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