Merrick Immigration Law has also helped many LGBT families and individuals benefit from recent changes to the law allowing same-sex couples equality under U.S. immigration law.  

Matt Merrick earned his Juris Doctor degree from Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, D.C.  He is an active member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association.  Throughout his career, Matt has served as pro bono counsel on a wide variety immigration matters.  He has successfully appealed denials, obtained waivers based on extreme hardship and helped clients gain asylum in the U.S. based on fear of persecution in their home country.

Nossos Serviços

  • Inmigración para Familias
  • Inmigración por Empleo
  • Visas de Trabajo (Visas H-1B,  L-1 y otros)
  • Visas para Inversionistas (Visas E-1/E-2)
  • Visa de Inmigrante para Inversionistas (EB-5)
  • Ciudadanía de los EE.UU.
  • Visas de Negocios y para Turismo (B-1/B-2)
  • Tramitacion de Visas Consulares
  • Exenciones
  • Inmigración para Parejas del Mismo Sexo
  • Asuntos de Inmigración Penal
  • ​Asilo y protección de refugiados
  • Inmigrantes de Edad
  • Víctimas de Violencia Doméstica
  • ​Y Otros Servicios
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  • Family Immigration
  • Employment Immigration
  • Work Visas (H-1B,  L-1, and Other Visas)
  • Investment Visas (E-1/E-2 Visas)
  • Immigrant Visas for Investors (EB-5)
  • U.S. Citizenship
  • Visas for Business or Tourism (B1/B2 visas)
  • Consular Processing of Visas
  • Waivers
  • Immigration for Same-Sex Couples
  • Criminal Immigration Issues
  • Asylum and Refugee Protection
  • Immigrant Juveniles
  • Domestic Violence Victims
  • And More

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  • Imigração com Base na Família
  • Imigração com Base em Emprego
  • Vistos de Trabalho (H-1B e L-1 Vistos)
  • Vistos de Investidores (E-1 / E-2 Vistos)
  • Visto de imigrante para Investidores  (EB-5)
  • Cidadania Americana
  • Vistos de Negócios e Turismo (B-1 / B-2)
  • Processamento de Vistos no Consulado
  • Isenções
  • Imigração para Casais do Mesmo Sexo
  • Crimes Decorrentes de Imigração
  • Asilo e Proteção de Refugiados
  • Menores Imigrantes
  • Vítimas de Violência Doméstica
  • Outros

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Immigration Legal Services

Merrick Immigration Law provides dedicated, professional legal representation you can trust.  U.S. immigration law can be complex and confusing, and our attorneys can help you make sense of the law and find the right legal strategy  for you.  We work with businesses, families, investors, fiancé(e)s, parents, siblings, children, and asylum-seekers to help them secure immigration visas, permanent residence, work permits and U.S. citizenship.

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Merrick Immigration Law PLLC was founded by Matt Merrick, an experienced attorney whose practice is focused solely on U.S. immigration law.  Matt and his team of professionals help clients make sense of the constantly changing federal immigration laws and guide them through the process of bringing families together, starting and developing businesses in the United States, obtaining work visas and more. Matt and his team regularly handle applications for permanent residence, work visas, immigrant visas, fiancé(e) visas, investment visas, "green card" renewals, petitions to remove conditions, and more.  The firm also has extensive experience assisting with consular processing of all types of visas.

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Merrick Immigration Law PLLC is an immigration law firm serving the needs of families, businesses and the community.  With a dedicated team of experienced attorneys and paralegals, our firm offers clients knowledgeable and professional representation on U.S. immigration matters.

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